Sailing with Testers (Part x)

The perfect storm In our Sailing with testers posts series, we've talked about the preparation of a boat for different sailing plans and different weather conditions. But when sailing, there's always also a chance for a storm. Boats, yachts, can ride through storms. With the right equipment and following the right procedures, the skipper can [...]

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Sailing with Testers (Part IX)

You're not alone, even when sailing Any sailor, and skipper, knows the sailing rules. Unlike what many people think, there are "driving" rules in the sea, the same as on the road. Who has right of way, and when. If both are sailing boats, if one is a motorboat, the direction they are facing, [...]

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Software Pandemic

World Crisis Covid19, the coronavirus, is a major crisis with far-reaching consequences. It is not yet known how it will develop, how soon it will be contained, if and when there will be a vaccine. We assume - and hope - things will get better sometime soon. But assuming is not enough in this [...]

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Be with (automation), Feel without (the hassle)

Everybody Loves Raymond Especially since he’s the only one in the team who knows something about automation software testing… Isn’t that the case? There’s that only one person, who knows something about the one thing the whole group wants - how to automate more of their manual tests. And that’s never enough of course. [...]

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Fast and Furious

Do it, and do it now Software development projects, applications of all kinds, are nowadays all about fast, fast, fast. Unlike the old days (not so many years ago…) there are less and less software solutions and tools that are not updated often - and often can even mean many times a day. The [...]

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Sailing with Testers (Part VIII)

Not Sailing At All As we’ve posted last month, times are challenging. Who thought we wouldn't be able to sail for such a long time? When we wrote about bad sea conditions, preventing us from sailing, and proposed alternatives, we were thinking more like 1-3 days. Now, in many countries around the world, it [...]

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Worldwide Challenging Times

The world is in a new, challenging, era. The fast spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) all across the globe is a real threat, mainly to people’s health, but also to the way we live, the way we interact with each other, our work, and our savings. It is hard to see someone not being affected [...]

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The Customer Is Always Right. Really?

All businesses need to service their customers. Software testing tool vendors are no exception. The difference is that the customers in this (our) case, are testers - those whose profession is to improve software, and in the process, find bugs and issues. This can hurt sometimes :-) However, as we have written in a few [...]

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Sailing with Testers (part VII)

Everything needs maintenance. We do, machines do, transportation vehicles do, and software solutions do. Everything. it's just that no one likes to do it. Take yachts and boats for example - to get them to operate regularly and for many years, they need constant maintenance. There are many types of work that need to [...]

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Full Speed Toward 2020

A decade is ending and 2020 is here. Our journey continues at full speed, creating great tools for software testers and enjoying helping testers to test better, faster, easier. We've been writing our end of year thoughts for more than 10 years now, as you can read here. We've made predictions, promises, and wishes. We [...]

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