Be with (automation), Feel without (the hassle)

Everybody Loves Raymond Especially since he’s the only one in the team who knows something about automation software testing… Isn’t that the case? There’s that only one person, who knows something about the one thing the whole group wants - how to automate more of their manual tests. And that’s never enough of course. [...]

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Does Automation Make Software Testers Lazier?

In the software testing world, automation is the ability to run scripts, tests, checks, and other applications with minimal (or zero) direct intervention from the user. Automation allows us to detect or verify a broad range of issues with the simple click of a button. This can be a huge timesaver – whether you’re working [...]

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Is Automation Overrated?

No doubt that automation testing is sexy and impressive - it seems to be a great cure for the annoying process of more laborious testing. Imagine that you can write the crappiest, laziest piece of software and a magic automation tool painlessly finds any and all defects and helps you fix them. Sadly, this is [...]

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The humans are dead, part 4 and final

Even though I am ultra busy testing Testuff 1.0, that's coming out very very soon, I decided to take some time out and to conclude this crazy series of posts. We've seen why automated testing rocks. As I've stated before, it's more accurate, work faster, harder, for a longer period of time, for less money, [...]

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The humans are dead, part 3

The machines have made their move in the previous episode. To sum it up, they are more accurate, work faster, harder, for a longer period of time, for less money, with no complaints and no quitting. Sounds just about perfect doesn't it? But wait! It is time for the humans to fight back, to show [...]

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The humans are dead, part 2

Continuing where the previous introductory post left off, we continue to discuss the epic battle between the ruthless testing automation machines and the brave manual testing of the human QA army. To make it fair on both sides and let them wage their battles, let's see what makes each of them so great and vice [...]

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The humans are dead

One of the songs by New Zealand's Flight of the Chonchords, which is by the way an amazing show that music and Borat fans must watch, is about how in the distant future, the year 2000, the humans are dead. Robots used poisonous gasses to poison our a$$es. Robotic beings rule the world and the [...]

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