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Full Speed Toward 2020

A decade is ending and 2020 is here. Our journey continues at full speed, creating great tools for software testers and enjoying helping testers to test better, faster, easier. We've been writing our end of year thoughts for more than 10 years now, as you can read here. We've made predictions, promises, and wishes. We [...]

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Best, and getting better. Every year.

Season Greetings! So much has happened at Testuff in 2018. It isn't just this long list of enhancements. It's also the work we've done with many of our customers, to make sure they have the solution they need. And it goes further, to the work we've done on our infrastructure, the security measures we've [...]

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From an Excellent 2017 to a Better 2018

Season Greetings! It’s December. This means it's the last post of the year. Much has happened at Testuff in 2017, and we are expecting an exciting and successful 2018. Make no mistake - when we say successful, we are referring to our customers success. Building better software testing tools on our end, means better [...]

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Testuff 10th Anniversary is Coming. Built to Last.

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that starting a new business is hard. You’ve got to assemble many moving parts together to finally create something of value – something that people want and are willing to pay for. It isn’t easy. But we would argue that maintaining an established business presents unique challenges of [...]

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2015 -> 2016

A few years ago we wrote: “In a life of a company, there is no real difference between December 31st and January 1st…. It is in our minds that this date, of the end of a year, has any real meaning. We will work on January 1st (yep, we will) the same way we did [...]

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End Of Year Thoughts

Last day of the year. Just had a good talk with some colleagues here, which made me think about 'where we are' with Testuff test management tool. In numbers it looks like this: More than 3,150,000 Tests stored for customers on our servers. And growing. 99.97% Servers Up-Time. Isn’t that cool? No SLA, no promises. [...]

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Software Testing Tools – Leaner, Cleaner, and Meaner in 2014

New features, killer updates, and awesome gadgets – these are what most software testing tools promote in their marketing materials. And we’re no different. At Testuff, we’re more than happy to share our latest accomplishments – the newest bells and whistles. In the past 12 months alone, we’ve blogged about adding an 8th data center [...]

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Here it comes, a new testing year

2011. Last year, we wrote a few words about how was 2009 and what were our plans for 2010. Seems like it was just yesterday, and here we are looking back at another great year, but even more looking forward for the coming year. Who knew back then that Mark Zuckerberg will end this year [...]

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