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Exploratory Testing

We are frequently asked about the best methodology to use with Testuff test management suite, or is it good to use with this or that methodology. Without getting too much into what is a methodology (compared with a process, a work flow, technique, class, type, etc.) we always answer that Testuff is [...]

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Making the Case for Exploratory Testing

In the pantheon of software testing methodologies, exploratory testing ranks among the most interactive and dynamic. However, amongst experienced testers rages an ongoing debate over whether or not exploratory is superior to structural methods of testing (e.g. scripted). In truth, both have pros and cons, making the overall debate somewhat flawed. When given a choice, [...]

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Testing videos

Testing videos are BIG. Jonathan Kohl says we need more testing videos for the sake of testing education. Pradeep Soundararajan records exploratory testing videos. Eric Jacobson is making bug movies with Windows Media Encoder. Adam White thinks no tester should be without a video recording tool. At a discussion in the Software Testing Club bug [...]

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