How Much Longer Will Open Source Bug Trackers Survive?

We frequently survey our users to better understand what tools they use and why. And we’ve noticed an interesting trend unfold. Software testing teams increasingly prefer using premium (i.e. “paid”) bug trackers in favor of open source solutions, email, or no bug tracker at all. And this trend seems to be accelerating. Back in [...]

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Jooray for JIRA – Testuff Releases Improved Bug Tracker Integration

We’re pretty excited about the most recent release of our flagship software test management tool. To be fair, we’re excited about every monthly release - after all, we work very hard to maintain such a consistent track record for perpetual improvements that benefit you, the user. But some updates get us super-charged. What makes this [...]

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How Chasing Business Away Improves Our QA Testing Tools

Like most things in life, we face some pretty tough choices when developing test case management software for customers around the globe. On the one hand, we’re incentivized to develop the most comprehensive QA testing tools possible in order to increase market share On the other hand, we’re incentivized to invest in our core competencies [...]

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Integrating Multiple Bug Trackers into One Unified Testing Platform

Within the software test management world, there exist a range of different bug trackers – from internal customized systems to open source options to high quality commercial trackers. Each serves a purpose, depending on the exact needs, wants, and desires of both the software testers and the development team. However, with this variety comes certain [...]

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