Does Google AdWords Really Work with the Software Testing Community?

Since launching Testuff about 7 years ago, we’ve enjoyed fairly impressive organic search traffic for keywords like “test management solutions” and “SaaS software testing.” But like most businesses out there, we’re always on the lookout for more traffic opportunities. So naturally, we turned to Google AdWords – one of the largest and most trusted advertising [...]

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Big In Japan. Welcome to our 8 Data Center.

How Adding 2 New Data Centers Makes SaaS Testing Even Better. Testuff has offices based in Israel and Europe. Our customers are spread around the planet. And they develop and test software products for end users who are even more spread out. What’s truly remarkable – the vast majority of everyone in this network has [...]

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What Is the Best Awesomest, Fastest Software Test Management Platform?

We've covered extensively what to look for in a test case software management platform, including: Ease of use Versatility Upgrade frequency Add-on compatibility Interoperability But today, I wanted to explore what not to look for – or more specifically – what marketing gimmicks and “promises” you should take with a grain on salt when comparing [...]

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Cutting through Software Test Management PR Noise

I would never begrudge any company for becoming genuinely excited about a new product, service, or update that it’s about to release. It’s only natural that you’d want to share this news with the world. Whenever we have new “news” at Testuff, believe me, you’ll hear about it. Email blasts, press releases, blog posts – [...]

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New Website Launched

For us it is an exciting day. Our new website is 'live', after we've completed the long and hard work on it. We are proud of it already ... We hope that our site visitors will enjoy the new look, new improved navigation, and will find it easier to learn all about our products. If [...]

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Testuff Test Management Video

Our first video presentation We've completed the work on our first video. It is a short presentation of our test management tool, briefly talking about the ease of use of Testuff, how it's intuitive yet fully featured, and mentioning it being a comprehensive solution. Let us know what you think of it, and 'like' it [...]

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Customer Communication – a strategy to creating better software

There’s no doubt the web and software landscape have changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Not in just how software and services can be delivered, but also from the all important angle of ‘customer service’. What does customer service have to do with it all? A lot! Call it Customer Service. Communication. Community Management. [...]

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Getting closer to the customer

Is there anybody out there? As a SaaS based test management software provider we face a few challenges, which are a result of the distance between us, as the vendor, and the customers out there. In distance we refer to the real actual distance, which is in many cases simply the other side of the [...]

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