Good Enough Releases vs. Error-Free Code: Finding the Right Balance

Developing a “proof of concept” has long been a central pillar of the business world. Under this framework, companies are encouraged to: Build a barebones prototype. Gauge consumer demand. Add requested bells & whistles. Scale up production for the masses. This proven formula allows you to test the waters with minimal investment. You don’t [...]

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Why the B-Team May Be Able to Produce Better Software

When staffing project management teams, common sense says that you should always select the most qualified people for the job. This basic logic holds true across all industries. So when building a software QA team, this means finding the most experienced and educated testers you can get your hands on. Doing so ensures that you're [...]

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Software Testing – Career Stepping-Stone or Profession in Its Own Right?

Software testing is a serious profession that becomes more demanding and more important every day. But many within the field don't regard their own contributions with the respect they deserve. They view themselves as support staff and fact-checkers who needn’t bother investing in the requisite resources for continued growth. Ironically, many of these same individuals [...]

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Exploratory Testing

We are frequently asked about the best methodology to use with Testuff test management suite, or is it good to use with this or that methodology. Without getting too much into what is a methodology (compared with a process, a work flow, technique, class, type, etc.) we always answer that Testuff is [...]

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Can Software Testing Management Ever Become Excessive?

Antoine de Saint-Exupery once stated that “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Truer words were never spoken. Although Antoine, who died in 1944, never had to work with software application testing tools in a world of perpetual evolution and changing consumer [...]

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Who Tests the Testers: Software Quality Management Left Unchecked

Like accountants and inspectors, software testers are part of that rare breed of professions in which our stamp of approval is the final word on what is acceptable. We check the developers’ work, locate bugs, recommend fixes, and go through as many rounds as necessary to ensure the final product reaches a certain standard. Once [...]

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Why Software Testers Don’t Receive the QA Tools They Rightfully Deserve

In the world of software, quality assurance testing is often regarded as an addendum to the entire development process. As testers, we’re frequently viewed as the busboys who come through and clear the left-over scraps of whatever delicious meals came from the gourmet chefs in the kitchen. This is not a knock on busboys. No [...]

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Should Software Application Testing Be Less Competitive?

In traditional capitalism, self-interest is the driving force behind innovation. Under this framework, concepts like cooperation and collaboration are somewhat antithetical to the profit maximization model. Every time you share, you enable a potential competitor. This is especially true in a world of finite resources where sharing literally makes your own pie smaller. In many [...]

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Software Testing Management as a Business Decision

In a previous post, we explored the importance of quality tools for software testing from the vantage point of the actual testers themselves. Better products make for better testing. This, in turn, makes our lives much easier. But software testing is also a business decision. You wouldn’t necessary realize this given how much money goes [...]

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Fearful of SaaS-based Software Test Management Tools?

In the previous post, I extolled the virtues of software as a service (SaaS) for testing and development. When compared with on-site solutions (i.e. internal servers), SaaS consistently wins for its greater convenience and lower cost. But the software testing process doesn’t thrive on convenience or cost alone. Security is equally (if not more) important. [...]

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