Bug hunting with validations

Having done loads of bug validations for Testuff 1.1, I wanted to say something about them. Oddly enough Mike Kelly has just published a post about validations too. Bug validations can be considered quite a tedious task. Finding a bug is quite fun, a treasure hunt except you don't get the luxury of a [...]

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Testuff 1.1 Aftermath

Yes, it has been two weeks since my last post. During this time we worked very hard on fixing and releasing Testuff 1.1 for the general QA public. Unfortunately, it took us longer to release Testuff 1.1 than what we had anticipated. So, after it was finally out, we gathered round the round table and [...]

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Working with Gmail efficiently

On somewhat of an off-topic, I wanted to talk about working with Gmail. Half the world's civilization uses it, including myself, both at work and at home, but many of us don't get it right. Gmail is not just about a practically unlimited mailbox, a place to backup files by sending them to yourself. It's [...]

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Copy-Paste in Windows Command Prompt

Here's a great tip if you work a lot with the Windows Command Prompt aka cmd.exe. Wouldn't you just love it if you could easily copy-paste stuff in the Command Prompt window? Well, you can! Open the Windows Command Prompt via Start > Run > type cmd > OK. Right click it on the [...]

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