How Much Longer Will Open Source Bug Trackers Survive?

We frequently survey our users to better understand what tools they use and why. And we’ve noticed an interesting trend unfold. Software testing teams increasingly prefer using premium (i.e. “paid”) bug trackers in favor of open source solutions, email, or no bug tracker at all. And this trend seems to be accelerating. Back in [...]

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Is There a Future for Open Source Product Development?

The open source (OS) revolution has been hugely successful – from Linux to Mozilla to WordPress. Even the world’s favorite encyclopedia, Wikipedia, falls under this broad "open" umbrella. And it’s not difficult to understand their popularity: They’re infinitely expandable, with add-ons and plug-ins. They’re supported by huge, enthusiastic communities. They benefit from tremendous security [...]

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A Checklist for Selecting the Optimal Test Management Solution

There exists a funny irony in the software testing world. As quality assurance professionals, we routinely spend months testing products for clients, but we generally dislike testing the platforms we use to run these tests. The reason is simple. Finding the right test management solution carries a host of startup and switching costs, including: Researching [...]

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QA Testing Tools in a Globally Distributed, Non-Sequential Workflow

For much of its 70-year history, the software development world has taken many of its cues from traditional manufacturing. In the very early days, for example, software testers and developers adopted serial workflows in which teams set sequential milestones and forwarded completed tasks down the chain – not unlike an assembly line factory. For a [...]

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Less Is More and the Zen of Software Testing

Software testing is the most important thing you do. But is everything you do truly important? This question applies to countless industries and professions that suffer from the “busy work” illness. Whether it’s convening $100 meetings to solve $1 problems… or spending 40 hours to tackle a 5-minute project, there’s an enormous amount of waste [...]

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A Simpler Way to Rate Software QA Testing Tools?

As software quality assurance testers, we’re blessed to have so many resources at our disposal. Whereas in the physical world, value comes from scarcity, the digital world places value on abundance. But this cornucopia of options comes at a price. How do you select the best software quality assurance testing tools (or combination of tools) [...]

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