You already know that Testuff test management integrates with many tools (any automation tool, over 30 trackers). And you know this integration is a unique two-way integration. Now we’ve made it even better. It started with Azure DevOps last month and this month we’ve implemented the new approach into our Jira Bug Tracker integration.

Here’s what we have for you in this month’s new version of Testuff:

Two-way Integration and Automatic Synchronization with Jira

Testuff automatically (without any action required by you) synchronizes the defect module with data from your bug-tracker, and keeps your defects updated for you.

  • When reporting defects, they are automatically sent to your tracker, with all the details, including tracker’s custom fields, attachments and other parameters.
  • Any updates made in your bug-tracker are immediately synchronized and saved in Testuff.

This improves the fixing and validation process of the defects, and the communication with the development group. You gain full synchronization between the tools, and more importantly, between the different software project groups.
We’ve started with Azure DevOps, and have now implemented it in our Jira integration.

New Data Field in Tests

The last tester, who ran the test, is now shown in the test table. Additional details on test for better test management.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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