Most of us come to work for more than one reason. There’s the money, the professional challenges, the friends we have there, our need for self achievement and more. Each one of us, in different times of their working life, has their own reasons prioritized differently.
One thing we all have in common, all of the time, is that we definitely don’t want to get bored at work. We spend most of our waking hours there and expect it to be interesting, challenging, rewarding and maybe even….fun? and yes, I know some prefer it not interesting and not challenging but let’s leave those few out there aside this time.
Fun? can we laugh, play a few jokes, but stay calm, cool and work hard, doing our job seriously? I vote – YES! who ever said that those gloomy faces do their jobs better, faster, more thoroughly? It doesn’t mean anything. Of course being the clown, wasting your time going around the office telling jokes isn’t a good way to prove my point, but I’m talking simply about the attitude, the atmosphere, the unnecessary we-are-a-serious-heavy-head company mask. So many walking the office corridors with a face saying “hey, I’m busy, doing important stuff here, don’t talk to me about anything now”. It should be opposite – relax, enjoy and you’ll then preform better.

‘Serious’ Software

and what about all the software applications we work with? why do they have to be so much ‘corporate’ looking? when we surf the Internet we get to use fun sites, well designed and attractive, even if they report the news or help us manage our financials. At work, we tend to get those grey colors, straight lines and squares all over, right in our face all day long.
At Testuff we have worked hard to make our product fully-featured, with a deep professional thought behind it, giving our customers the full end-to-end solution they need.
At the same time we wanted it to look fun, to have nicer, happier, brighter colors, intuitive, friendly icons. Check out the “Testuff look” and see what I mean.
However, for some time now, we are getting requests and questions that raise the need to create a new additional ‘skin’ for Testuff – a more “corporate” look & feel. It turns out that in many corporates we are having issues with the “Testuff look”, causing some directors and managers to think it’s a toy, or at least not an application suited to them.
We can understand that, even if we feel differently.
We do listen to our customers and users, and if many feel this way, we can’t hide from it. It can be hard to realize that Testuff is serious and means business from a first glance. For some, it may be difficult to overcome this wrong impression and even give it a real try.
Truth is that the first time it hit me that we should re-consider providing an alternative look & feel option (see our old post), was when my little kid saw Testuff on my monitor and immediately said “I want one like this”…
So, expect a new look some time soon. But for those of you who agree with us that testing can be fun: don’t worry, we are keeping the Testuff look just for you :-)