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Our API allows access to the data in Testuff database. All access is encrypted using SSL and restricted only to the user company data.
It is a simple REST API for ease of use. To use the API, you will first need to have a valid Testuff account.


Check this page for all available resources and all schema options. You can execute actual requests and get real response to try it, and learn how it works.

The API accepts HTTP requests.

You can use any language to access the API: Python, PHP, Perl, Java or any other – whichever is easiest for you.
All API requests should start with:…. (find your service number, the X, in the Company details tab under the Settings window in Testuff).

Output Formats

By default, we will send an json format response. If you prefer, you can receive:

  • yaml
  • jsonp
  • xml

Just add format=xml (or jsonp or yaml) to your API call.

API Reference

The Testuff REST API allows you to query our database for data. Since the API is based on REST principles, its very easy to write and test applications. You can use your browser to access URLs, and you can use pretty much any HTTP client in any programming language to interact with the API.

Your Request Credentials

All requests to Testuff REST API require you use your Testuff login details for authentication.

Possible GET Response Status Codes

Commonly used status code are:

  • 200 OK The request was successful and the response body contains the representation requested.
  • 302 FOUND A common redirect response; you can GET the representation at the URI in the Location response header.
  • 304 NOT MODIFIED Your client cached version of the representation is still up to date.
  • 401 UNAUTHORIZED The supplied credentials, if any, are not sufficient to access the resource.
  • 403 FORBIDDEN The server understood the request but is refusing to fulfil it, usually because you are over your quota limit (or using the API without valid login details).
  • 404 NOT FOUND We could not find what you asked for.
  • 500 SERVER ERROR We could not return the representation. Please try again.

List of available resources in the API

The available resources and all schema options can be reviewed here. You can execute actual requests and get real response to learn how it works.

Backing Up Your Test Data Help Index Direct Access URL