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How does Testuff integrate with Email?

Testuff supports your defect reporting even if you choose not to work with a bug tracker. To keep track of defects, Testuff can automatically send them by email. You can run manual tests using Testuff and export bugs to selected email addresses. You can also take advantage of the Defects module within Testuff itself.

How do I configure it?

  1. In Testuff, go to Settings > Bug Tracker and click the Add bug tracker link.
  2. Choose Email from the bug trackers combo box.
  3. Enter the desired email address (or addresses, comma separated) to which defect reports should be sent in the Send to field.
  4. You may click the Submit sample link to make sure Testuff sends bug reports to the relevant email address. If all goes well a new bug report should arrive in your inbox.
  5. Don’t forget to click OK to save the settings.

How do I send defect reports to a different email address?

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Set an address in the project level. Defects from this project will be sent to this address and not the default address you’ve entered in the tracker’s settings. Click Edit next to the project name in the home screen to enter the email address for it.
  2. Add cc field to the bug reporter. Doing this will enable you to send each defect to an address of your choice. Click the Customize bug tracker fields link in the bug tracker settings window and add the field to the bug reporter.

Can I add any other fields to the defect report?

Yes you can. Under the Customize bug tracker fields link in the bug tracker settings window, hit the Add custom field and enter a name for the field (no need for the code field. Leave it empty), choose a default value and decide if to show it in the bug reporter.

Please contact us for any help integrating Testuff with your email.

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