Last day of the year. Just had a good talk with some colleagues here, which made me think about ‘where we are’ with Testuff test management tool.

In numbers it looks like this:

  • More than 3,150,000 Tests stored for customers on our servers. And growing.
  • 99.97% Servers Up-Time. Isn’t that cool? No SLA, no promises. Real, solid track record.
  • 74 meaningful monthly releases, every month, on-time. Talk about working for our community.
  • 10 Data Centers. Worldwide spread, for best security and performance.
  • Over 7 Years of Operations. We’re here that long? Time flies when you’re having fun.
  • Average support response time – less than 5 hours. Personal-and-effective. No automated (and annoying) replies.

Seems that our test management solution, has reached full maturity now. It covers all of the features a user would expect, and then many more. I truly believe that we have achieved that while not losing anything of the ease-of-use and great-intuitive GUI. Testuff manages to serve both the new tester and the experienced-sophisticated tester.
I remember the first days, when we started to plan it. We wanted to create a test management that will serve the tester and the testers as a group. Not necessarily the managers and not the developers. Out of this we crafted a few main points to follow:

  1. Easy to use – it must be easy to use. A tester should be able to login for the first time and be able to start working. No manual reading, no training required. It also saves much time (and therefore money) to the company.
  2. Help the testers to perform their work – features and capabilities should be such that directly affect the tester’s daily work routine. Less bells-and-whistles, more useful, real-life options.
  3. Integration to other tools in the project environment – bug trackers, automation tools, requirement management solutions, project management and others.
  4. Flexibility – must be such that the users can implement their testing methodology, work flow and procedures. Not forcing any behavior by limiting the tool.
  5. Affordable price for any group size.

Looks like all points were met, and are still kept strictly. None given up. If at all, we even improved by adding more and more to Testuff, making it a strong, reliable solution. We are proud of the industry-unique features we have introduced during time in many of the areas the tool covers.

The best acknowledgment is our competitors – when they copy (and they do) we know we did something good :-)

When we started, way back, being SaaS was not obvious. The means to create a good working SaaS tool were not the same level they are now. We insisted and it proved right. We are about to launch the full web-version for Testuff soon, allowing users to decide whether to use the desktop client or the web version. Same vision guides us for the web-version while working on it, so I’m sure our team will come out with another great service.

New Year resolution? Not at Testuff. We’ll just continue to do what we have been doing all these years, serving you and your testing projects.

Happy New Year.