Season Greetings!

It’s December. This means it’s the last post of the year. Much has happened at Testuff in 2017, and we are expecting an exciting and successful 2018. Make no mistake – when we say successful, we are referring to our customers success. Building better software testing tools on our end, means better software testing projects on your end.
Those who follow us, and certainly those who use Testuff for their testing projects, know that 2017 was filled with many enhancements and improvements.

Here’s a (very) partial list of areas we’ve covered, enhanced and worked on to make better:

  • Full Customization, completed with the new Test Custom Fields
  • Tests: New features on the tests such as the Audit trail and Comments
  • Time Management improved, with new features, reports and faster access to data, which helps you to better plan your testing, evenly share the load between your testers, and follow up on time worked and time left for the project
  • Reports, including new reports, additional filters for better views, sharing option
  • Bug trackers Integration, including new trackers on our long list, and enhanced two-way integration with all 30 supported trackers
  • Enhanced Test Execution Management
  • New Notification Center, for best follow up on test results and testing activities

Other parts were not neglected:

  • Test editor, with emphasize on easier and faster editing
  • Bug Reporter, for the best defect reporting possible, designed by you based on your needs
  • Testuff industry unique defects video recording got better this year, with some cool touches of the Testuff Video Player
  • Main modules in Testuff were re-designed and are in great shape to start 2018… Defects, Requirements, Labs: all you need to have a successful testing project, no matter how you test or what you test

You can review the full and detailed list here. It’s long, impressive and interesting.

2018 is planned for much more. Stay Tuned.

2017 was also time for us to celebrate 10 years of operations. We’re heading to many more years of servicing the needs of the software testing community. Join us in the trip.

We hope you have a great holiday season. It’s a good time to reflect on the year that was, and the one that’s coming. And all those of you, still not enjoying Testuff, it is a good timing for a new year resolution :-)

Happy Holidays

The Testuff Team