Last year, we wrote a few words about how was 2009 and what were our plans for 2010. Seems like it was just yesterday, and here we are looking back at another great year, but even more looking forward for the coming year.

Who knew back then that Mark Zuckerberg will end this year on the Time magazine cover? No one. Exactly. So, no predictions or forecasts, just a glance at our 2010 summary and 2011 plans.

We mentioned back then that there’s no real difference between December 31st and January 1st in a company’s life. This is still true, but we join the crowd, trying to pause for a moment the daily routine and think about 2010 lessons and 2011 decisions.

We’ll stick with the same format of last year… we had good feedback about it :-)

What did we do

We have managed, again, 12 new versions, as planned.
As testers and developers you probably appreciate how much this is not an obvious task. And so many new features, improving the application. Just a few examples:

  • Mac version of the Testuff client
  • User Permissions
  • Reports tab with many new reports and a better interface
  • Test Runner with easier navigation between tests to help testers work faster
  • Test Attributes added to better organize tests
  • Test Editor enhancements (file attachments, better usability)
  • Test Labels, to allow a more intuitive search and organization
  • More Bug Tracker integration
  • Additional Automaton Tool support
  • New Data Centers to better serve our European and US customers

What else? It’s a repeat of 2009:

  • 2010 was a year of growth for us. new customers from many countries, have joined our community.
  • We worked hard to keep on the good service and smooth operations. From the feedback we get it looks we manged not bad.
  • Our support team had kept their average response time of less than 3 hours to any incoming email.
  • We’ve continued to improve our back-end infrastructure, added data centers in several countries and prepared ourselves for 2011.
  • Increased transparency level of our data-centers status.
  • Improved Newsletter design and content.

What didn’t we do

In 2010 we failed on a few things, mostly minor to our customers, and are more related to future marketing and sales efforts.
The main failure, as we see it, is the fact that we had a few version releases with bugs, for which we had to release a new version the following few days. It did happen in 2009, and we did try to improve our processes, mainly testing (!), but looks there’s still work to be done.

What will we do

We hope that 2011 will turn to be another successful year. Can’t ask too much more than the last two years in many terms:

  • 12 new versions
  • Continued dialog with customers to improve Testuff
  • Many new customers :-)

What we won’t do

Again, we want to quote ourselves from last year and promise to stand for this commitments in 2011 as well:

  • We won’t be annoying any customer or registered user with too many marketing and sales emails.
  • We won’t raise the price of licenses.

Happy holiday season to all !