Last month we introduce a new localization option for the web client. And now, as promised, we are happy to include two new languages, to select from. Spanish and French join German, and together with English it sets it to 4 available languages to choose from. Work in your own language. Easier, faster and more convenient. As we always aim to. The monthly version includes also what we are never tired to call those little things that really matter.

Here’s the list of changes for this month’s version:

  • New Languages: As promised Spanish and French join German, and users can choose now between the 4 supported languages when working with our web version.
  • Overview: The web version introduces the first step for a customizable dashboard. A new overview screen, similar to the desktop overview screen, and that will soon include an option for you to customize it by your preferences.
  • Faster Page Navigation: jump directly to the page you need to in all paginated lists.
  • New Report: breakdown of merged configurations.

Visit our Website for more details.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.