We’re pretty excited about the most recent release of our flagship software test management tool. To be fair, we’re excited about every monthly release – after all, we work very hard to maintain such a consistent track record for perpetual improvements that benefit you, the user.

But some updates get us super-charged. What makes this month so different?

Well, we just released even better integration for JIRA and FogBugz – 2 of the most popular commercial bug trackers on the market.

I know what you’re thinking.

“If JIRA and FogBugz are so great, why are we taking credit for this integration? Shouldn’t kudos go to their respective development teams?”

You’re absolutely right. But we’re not taking credit for the hard work that JIRA and FogBugz have put into their robust bug trackers. Rather, the enthusiasm stems from our ability to weave seamless integration into our own software test management tool.

Without such integration, we’d be faced with 3 alternatives. I’m not sure which one is worse:

  1. We could have attempted to develop a whole new tracker, embedded in Testuff, competing with other trackers. We decided though, that we’ll leave this part to the experts (who, by the way, are doing a great job) and concentrate on what we are experts at – test management.
  2. We could try to anticipate which bug tracker you’d want to use and weave this into our platform. The downside is that you’d be locked in and couldn’t switch to any of the other bug trackers on the market. Our experience shows that users do switch bug trackers. More than that, what if we don’t anticipate correctly?
  3. We could let you choose your own bug tracker, but require that you figure out how to integrate this 3rd party technology into our test management platform. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
    But because our goal is to incorporate hassle-free flexibility, you have many more options.

If you already use either of these bug trackers and have yet to try Testuff, making the transition to our platform will be seamless. No new learning curves. No technical workarounds. No ruffling feathers as team members are forced to reinvent familiar workflows or processes.
Testuff Version 1.53 newly enhanced features seamlessly integrate with the updated management requirements that come with JIRA and Fogbugz. This means easier testing for you, complete with better synchronization for your requirements, and as before with your defects. This also means higher quality software products for your end users.

Short disclaimer.

At Testuff, we often advise against becoming overly excited about new features – especially those in long comparison charts. So at first glance, our enthusiasm may seem hypocritical.
But we’re not against features. After all, where would test management be without them?
Instead, we advise our customers to be wary of features that don’t add value. What use are bells and whistles if you’re never going to use them or if they don’t make you a better software tester?
But we honestly feel that the new and improved integration that comes with Testuff 1.53 will make you a better tester for the reasons already listed (faster, easier, etc.). In fact, we’re sure of it since this integration was one of the most requested features from our community. You asked and we delivered.

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