Great stuff on Testuff! Your new Load Testing Service is now released and available for you to use. And it’s only the first phase. We are planning on expanding the options on it very soon. You will be able to test the performance of your application, website and products. Fast and easy, directly from within your test management solution.
      This service is available from our web application. If you’re a desktop-client user, use the same credentials to login to your account over the web, and enjoy this new service.

This achievement did not stop our team from working on our two test management clients – the web and the desktop. This month’s version includes a few changes, aimed as always on making your life – and testing – easier and faster.

What’s new on this release:

  • Labs: New filter for the tests Stage field, under the Assign tests tab.
  • FogBugz: You can now Get the list of your custom fields directly from the setup window. Click Show available custom fields and get a list to select which ones to map to Testuff. That simple setup just got simpler.
  • Test: The test’s full details, including any soft-links for it and requirements it is assigned to, now all show in one place. Click the new Properties option on right-click menu of a test to find it (desktop client).
  • Test Editor: A new icon added to the rich formatting icons, with which you can Take screenshots and add them anywhere on the test (desktop client).

Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks.

Visit our Website for more details.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.