We’ve recently noticed that we have very nice customers :-)

Not only they are our customers, they – we guess – like Testuff enough to recommend it to others, or take it with them as they move to a new job, in a new company.

This is great news for us. Not (only) because we get more business, but because it says that we probably did a good job so far, with our SaaS test management service!

None of them have done that to get a reward, or because we asked for it. They actually think Testuff test management solution is the best option around… Be it a new company, or a friend to whom Testuff was recommended to, it made us truly happy.

We felt we just have to reward them. They did not ask, we did not promise – it just felt like the right thing to do.
We’ve sent each a little present, as a token of our gratitude. It is our small way of saying thank you for all of them.

Now we can turn this into a more formal thing: get someone on board with us, as a new customer, let us know you had done so, and we’ll be happy to send you that same gift*.

Looking forward for many more years of working together.

Enjoy Testing.

* Amazon gift card.