Since we launched our web version, our team is working on two clients – the web and the desktop. They are busy closing any gaps left between them, and soon these versions will be identical in capabilities and features. By nature, there will be always some items that are not exactly the same, and we will be making the most of each version. We expect completing this task within 1-2 months/versions.
This month’s desktop-client version includes one major change. This is in the Defects module where formatted number IDs were added to the defects. The web version presents many changes, most of them are ‘gap closers’ as mentioned.
And some more exciting news – we are soon launching a new Load Testing Service. You will be able to test the performance of your application, website and products. Fast and easy, directly from within your test management solution. Stay tuned to more news on this soon.

Visit our Website for more details.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.