My biggest concern going in was customer service via email only, but that was not a problem at all. You were always very responsive, and I appreciate that. That alone is enough for me to be willing to recommend your product to others and use it again if the need arises.

Brian Fedje
Sligit marketing technology services

Your professional customer service vastly distinguished you among the rest. Even my superiors stated they were impressed with the customer service and quick responses.

Jay Wright
Ticket Biscuit

Thanks again for the great support and service over the years. Your company, product and team has been a delight to work with.

Kirk Davis
GE Healthcare

Your software is superior, IMO. It is not cumbersome, so teams and new resources can pick it up really quickly, and it allows for easy, slim management of test initiatives but has the bells and whistles for deeper initiatives too. You’re always top of my list, and I’ll have you in mind wherever I go in my career.

Rachel Workman
Trace One

Testuff looks to be a Godsend in its ease of use and incredibly handy features. Took me no time to start putting together suites and assigning tasks. That's amazing! Many of the tools I've seen out there are just obtuse as Hell, and people just accept that fact because they need the functionality, and they can list that software under their "skills" on their resume. Testuff has the functionality, and it's very straight forward.

William Parker

Testuff has quickly become my favorite test management tool. In my 13 years of QA experience Testuff is a unique gem. No other tool that I have used previously has allowed my team to create and organize test cases so quickly. We are literally saving days on each project since adopting Testuff. The layout is extremely intuitive, and I love how quickly I can track test status for each project, each tester and Automation.
But I think you will find that the most impressive thing about this tool is the company. From your first interaction with support to requesting a new feature, you get the impression that this company listens carefully and responds to its user base.

Robert Shaw
Frontline Placement

Thanks! Your team's responsiveness is one of the chief reasons I have brought your product into use in the last two tech companies I've worked at. A saying from a startup I was at many years ago "What will our Customers thank us for?" is the key to business success. I'd say you all practice that motto!

Dan Emerald
The AVC Group

We are using Testuff to bring a high degree of structure and visibility to our Quality Assurance process. Their staff has been responsive to our needs and the simplicity of the interface and FogBugz integration were key in choosing them for our test case management solution.

Ross Hammer
Tribal Data Resources

One of the reason I like Testuff and would like to use one is quick and efficient support.

Andrey K
OG Games

Testuff has provided a simple to use, fast and effective solution which has met our needs. The interface is quick and intuitive to use and the link to our issue management software (JIRA) is reliable and easy to set-up. Being able to attach videos of bugs whilst executing a test has been very valuable to our development team. The support from Testuff has been fast and helpful. The software is working very well for us.

Debbie Mather

Great Support Team always answering very fast and solving nearly all problems. Great Work Thumps up!

Oliver Holm
Comline AG

Testuff has been really fun to learn and is easy to use. The Testuff support team has answered all of our questions in a very timely manner with incredible feedback. I have also been impressed with the work being done to improve Testuff and actually get excited about upgrades. In short, I have repeatedly been reassured that we made a great choice in purchasing Testuff.

Chandra McFarlen
Milsoft Utility Solutions

Testuff has been extremely quick to respond to all of our requests for enhancements. A service like that, and what we've gotten in the past, means at the end of the day, that we will remain a Testuff customer for many years to come. This kind of service really makes Testuff stand out amongst its competitors and reaffirms our confidence that we have chosen the correct vendor for taking care of our test case management needs.

Thomas Ekeland
CMA Contiki

We really like your product. We're a small company, and Testuff provides us a user-friendly, growth-friendly, powerful, and cost-effective tool both for our QA guys to make things happen, and for me (Coord. of R&D) to see what's going on. Thanks!

Andres Ferreyra
Ag Connections, Inc.

We like Testuff a bunch. I've been a QA Manager for over 10 years now and am impressed with the ease of use of your product. I've found that with most test case management systems, my testers and myself get caught up in the use and management of the tool rather than just writing and running cases. Testuff allows us to get in, get our cases created and get to running them right away.

Charlie Whiton

As a SaaS solution with frequent release cycles, we found Testuff very suitable to our needs. Testuff's simplicity and usability helps us to manage tests and share the results.

Yehuda Haimovich

2009: I really like Testuff as a solution because of its simplicity. My testers are really not QA people by trade; they perform other duties and only test before releases. It's essential not only that I can walk them through step by step and assign tests to individuals to ensure coverage, but also that the interface has a very short learning curve. Testuff has this stuff covered.
2010: I have to say, I've been extremely impressed with the responsiveness of the Testuff requirements team. Pretty much every item I've requested has either been implemented or someone explained how I could achieve my desired results using existing functionality. Keep up the good work!

Robert Buchko
Futures Inc.

I love your product. I have searched high and low for a tool that would replace Excel for Test Management. Yours is the first and only one which matches my vision of what I would want.

Bob Carey

The video recording is the most useful things I ever met in testing. It really helps to prove that bugs which occurs randomly and are hard to reproduce on the developers side. And the ability of taking only part of the screen is even better.

Krzysztof Studnik

Testuff has a very easy learning curve, a user is productive in under an hour.

Michael Richardson

I'm having a great experience using Testuff: it's simple, user friendly and flexible to adapt to any development lifecycle. This is an awesome product.

Paulo Estanqueiro

Your software looks great.

Chuck Swanberg
Full Discourse

This looks like a really cool test management suite! I really liked the UI and the intuitive flow. the integrated video recording and screen shots are also nice too! when it comes to managing QA in a small company, this tool is a real gem and so easy to learn that it could beat most other test management tools.

Lior Kaduri
VeNotion Technologies

I must say I'm very impressed by your support! Always work fast.

Pierre Stehagen
Epsilon IT

I really like its design, functionality and ease of use. With some more features to come it can safely replace heavy enterprize tools that cost dozens of thousands dollars in TCO.

Kfir Marshak

I've not yet used a test management application for manual testing that has compared to or is even comes close to TestDirector, except for Testuff. It's simplicity sells me. Many other applications are complicated and seem to want to make something straightforward seem so complicated.

Bryan Peifer

Not enough? There’s more, and even more