Audit Trail

Testuff takes its data integrity to a higher level, exposing the data’s Audit Trail to the users. This is done in compliant with the 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines on electronic records.

What is it?

A record showing who has made changes, when and what changes were made.
the record includes: Time-stamp, what was changed and the modifier details. And it can’t not be manipulated or changed in any stage.

Why is it important?

Audit trails are useful both for maintaining data integrity and for recovering lost data. There are many good reasons to have an audit trail. To name a few – think of accountability, reconstruction, intrusion detection, problem detection.
Also, for some companies this is a regulators demand (such as the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11, which is a part of their guidelines on electronic records).

How does it work?

Audit trails can be very simplistic or extremely complicated. If you know Testuff, you should guess that we will make it easy for you to understand our audit trail and track it.
Our audit trails are available to end-users so that they could check changes, and see who made them.

Look for the icon  in every Test and you’ll be able to see the recorded Audit Trail. The Audit trail is available also on executed tests (runs), defects and requirements.

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