A quiet, but not less fruitful month.
We continued to enhance the bug trackers integration, and this time, enabled 3 more bug trackers custom fields, between other changes.

We’ve also introduced a new By Label report, for all levels (branch, suite and lab). This report should help those who take advantage of the labels feature, assigning labels to tests for better testing management.

Testuff 1.29 includes some more improvements. Here’s the full list::

  • Better control and use of the Labels feature, with the new By label reports
  • Following many requests and great demand, we’ve doubled our efforts and made some more Bug Trackers integration enhancements:
    • Gemini, Redmine and FogBugz Custom Fields enabled.
    • Redmine Assignee predefined field added.
    • Rally Predefined fields included.
  •  As part of the ongoing efforts to improve our services to you, we have completed a major change in our servers architecture, replacing server framework from CherryPy+Sql Alchemy to Django.

  Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.

Stay tuned for the next version. There’s always something to wait for.  

Tips of the month:
  1. In Testuff home screen, bottom right side, you can see the version you are working with. It is highly recommended to always work with the latest version.
  2. Follow us on Twitter. Sometimes we tweet interesting stuff there…