When working with our users, we can always find new ideas for new stuff on Testuff. Even after so many years, there are always those things that can make a user’s life easier, work done faster. It’s exciting for all of us here, working with you and for you.
We are also busy with a new project, involving some services around automation testing. Yes, there’s always something to wait for :-)

Here are this month’s version new enhancements:


Reports Center has upgraded, and now you can generate the reports for any time segment you choose. This means that from now on you can run the reports after choosing the dates, and generate customized reports for the cycles of the tests you’re working on.

Time Management

Time management enhanced and reporting for estimated and actual time is now available for requirements and suites.

More on this version:

  • Defects: When sending a defect by email (Send by email) a link to view defect in browser is attached to the email and enables the recipient to go directly to it in the web application.
  • Web application: Assignment of tests in labs made easier and more intuitive, following the warm welcome of that same change in the requirements area. Always listening to our customers.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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