The ability to find the test, defect or requirement you are looking for, fast and easy, is crucial for a smooth flow and high testing pace. Your lists might contain hundreds or thousands of items, and you need to be able to find the one item, or group of items, you need to work with. Our new version presents new search and filter options design exactly to enable it.
The localization of the web client, recently introduced (Spanish, French, German and English), has been a success so far. We plan to add new languages in the near future.

Here’s the list of changes for this month’s version:

  • Search option now focused to find items from the current tab
  • Tests: New filters option, allowing you to search tests by different parameters and also enables you to get a list of all tests in the branch (simply remove the suite filter).
  • Requirements: New filter by summary added to the Tests in this requirement tab
  • My Tasks: New filter added – by name
  • Defects: New filter added – by name
  • Time Management: Actual time is now showing on the tests table
  • API: Enhanced to include GET of test and run summaries.

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