We know how important the Test planning and execution is for your testing project. The new suite level precondition option is designed to allow you to easily add execution instructions, or details, for all of the tests in a suite, in one place. All assigned tests of this suite will show the preconditions/instructions while executing them in the test runner.
Better test management, planning and execution.

And there’s more on our new version:

  • Requirements Management
    • The requirement editor includes now our screenshot capture feature. Add screenshots to your requirement description, for better understanding and management.
    • Requirements names include their full-path location (Desdktop client).
    • Links to the test lists added to the Coverage table data. Analyze and review your numbers, and work directly from the table. Fast and convenient.
  • Bug Trackers: Testuff test management unique two-way bug trackers integration gets better and better. We’re now adding more trackers to the list of trackers, for which their custom fields are synchronized, together with other fields. And this time it’s Redmine. More trackers will follow in the coming months.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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