Testuff Ltd. was established in January 2007 with the purpose of creating better tools and services for the software quality assurance (QA) community. We are a privately held company operating out of Tel-Aviv, Israel. Our team includes experienced industry veterans who have many years of experience in all aspects of software development and testing. Working on both desktop applications and websites, we have used tools and techniques including suites by all leading vendors and most Agile methodologies. We are using that experience every day to create smarter tools to help our customers build more usable and stable software for the benefit of their clients.
Testuff aims to change the way software companies execute their quality assurance (QA) processes.

We focus on making software and providing services that improve the QA professional’s life by giving them the best tools of the trade and by removing annoyances and bureaucracy.

We build our product for ace QA engineers, people who put blood and sweat into their work, who view QA not only as an important yet highly underrated profession in the IT business, but also as an art.

One of our goals is to allow you to accomplish the most mundane of tasks quickly and comfortably with zero overhead. More importantly, we want Testuff to give space for creativity in testing, to encourage you to step outside of the box, where the really juicy bugs lie for the taking. And as you’re doing all of this, we’d also like testing with Testuff to be really fun! :)

Not much… Check out our purchase page for the latest pricing information.
No. You can have as many projects as you want, as many suites and labs as you need, and there is no limit to the number of test cases you can write. The same goes for defects of course. There’s no limits even for the video files you can store. Testuff easily supports a very large numbers of projects, tests and testers. You get unlimited usage, with great performance and for a competitive price.
Please read about it here. Your privacy and security are very important to us, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions about it.
Please add and domain names to your email whitelist. Otherwise important emails and invoices might get wrongly identified as spam. Check your junk/spam folder and if it’s still not there, simply drop us an email and we’ll get another invoice sent out to you.
We do not offer Testuff for local installations.

However, you can still connect Testuff to your local bug tracking server.

We understand your reluctance to store tests and defect reports on our servers. However, your data will be at least as secure on our servers as on yours, unless your local network is physically disconnected from the internet. All the communication between the client and the server is encrypted, and so is the data on the servers themselves. The servers run on Debian Linux with security patches applied regularly and reside in a secure facility behind a constantly monitored firewall.

This is a very rare event, however we keep you posted on our Status page.
We know that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data are extremely important to you. We have gone to great lengths to give you peace of mind. Click here for more information.
If you want to stop using the service, please contact us and we will export the data for you. You can also backup your tests by yourself, easily and anytime you want to, from your Testuff account.
The Testuff desktop client has been tested on Windows (all versions from Windows 2000 to Windows 10) and Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mavericks). The web client is of course available on any OS, using the latest browsers.
Yes it does. The Testuff desktop client uses the proxy settings from Internet Explorer. As long as they are set it will access the Testuff servers via the proxy.

However, if your proxy interferes by acting as a man-in-the-middle and changing certificates, then the Testuff client won’t be able to access the Testuff servers properly. Check with your network administrator whether this is the case.

Test Management

Yes! Use our import-from-Excel feature. Alternatively, you may send us your Excel/Word/HTML/XML files and we will do this for you for free. We can import test cases from your Testlink account, and same for other tools you might be currently using.
Sure. You can export a whole project to Excel, or parts of it as well. Not only tests, any item – suite, lab, requirement, defect – can be exported to Excel.
Yes. Go to the Reports screen, where you will find a long list of reports for the ‘branch’, ‘suite’, ‘lab’ and ‘label’ levels. Reports are accessible also directly from the menu of a test/suite/lab/requirement/defect. Note that you can use the open REST API to retrieve your data, and generate reports of it. This enables you to further customize your reports.

For further details about the reports click here.

Testuff enables you to easily add and remove users in the account. Click the Add Tester option under the Testers/Users management window. Just fill in the name and email address for the new tester and they will receive the Testuff login details by email.
Yes. There are six types of user rights (or Permissions). Admin, QA Lead and Tester are the main three. Read more here about their different rights and how to manage testers.
Check your project’s team. Only testers assigned to the project’s team will show up in the labs screen.
Yes. Tests can be moved to a new position in the suite list. Suites can be ordered by name or date. You can append numbering (010, 020, etc.) to the beginning of the suite names to further control their order.
Yes. We support a whole module for it, including coverage follow up and full process management. Read how Testuff handles requirements here.
Yes, we have all of these, and more. Rich text editing, file attachment and a spell checker for different languages of your choice.
Our Soft-links feature will help doing exactly this. Create one test, and shortcut to it from other suites, branches and even projects.
Sure. A simple format (and even an icon that creates it for you and is waiting in the Test Editor), the test ID and you’re done. The test you are writing will show the other test steps. Read more about it here.
Yes it does! It’s possible via HTTP POSTs to the Testuff server. Please see the automation help section for more details.

Tracker Integration

Testuff integration with bug trackers is an industry-unique two-way street – It automatically exports each defect found to your bug tracker, and allows you to retrieve the last updated status of the defect back to Testuff. Full two-way synchronization with your bug tracker.
Yep! If we already support it, see how to configure it in the help section. If not, let us know which tracker you use and we will do our best to integrate with it.
Sure. We always look for ways to make your life easier. You can use the Assign for validation feature, found on defects.
Yes, Testuff enables you to add and map your tracker’s custom fields, and send them with the bug report.