Software testing is never done for the purpose of testing. It is always a part of our desire to create great software solutions, applications and tools.
It applies to test management tools as well – these are never used alone. They are a part of the whole software project set of tools. This is the reason Testuff test management integrates with so many other tools (any automation tool, over 30 trackers, and more). We built it to blend-in with the project’s other tools. And now our unique-two-way integration just got better. It starts with Azure DevOps and will soon be implemented in other integrations we support, Jira included of course.

Here’s what we have for you in this month’s new version of Testuff:

Two-way Integration and Automatic Synchronization with your Tracker

Testuff automatically (without any action required by you) synchronizes the defect module with data from your bug-tracker, and keeps your defects updated for you.

  • When reporting defects, they are automatically sent to your tracker, with all the details, including tracker’s custom fields, attachments and other parameters.
  • Any updates made in your bug-tracker are immediately synchronized and saved in Testuff.

This improves the fixing and validation process of the defects, and the communication with the development group. You gain full synchronization between the tools, and more importantly, between the different software project groups.
We’ve started with Azure DevOps, and will soon implement this in other bug trackers, Jira included.

Configuration-based Test Execution

New reports, for by configuration per suite and by suite per configuration to help with the management of test execution results follow up.

More in this version:

Email Notifications Center: Our Email notification center enables you to stay on top of things, anything that happens in your testing project. Get updates for reported defects, test executions, test assignments, and more. And now, emails for New test assignments includes a direct link to the web-app My Tasks screen, with this test list, ready for work.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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