Not sure how many of you noticed the blog’s sidebar, if at all, but there is a bunch of cool stuff there! Seriously!

The king of cool is a rather useful link called Dev & QA Tools. It contains a nice list of the wonderful tools we use in Testuff for RnD and testing. I’m sure you may find some gems there, especially since I have just updated it with powerful security testing tools. Giddy-Up! I’d also love it if you could leave a comment on that page about the tools that you enjoy so that we could all have the creme-de-la-creme utilities at our disposal.

Another link you might want to check out is Twittuff ( = Twitter + Testuff) under the links section. Hype or shmype, I use it to post tidbits about what’s happening in Testuff. Amongst other things, you’ll find there fresh news from our desks for all you hyper information junkies.

Also under the links section, I’ve taken the liberty to share with you some QA blogs that I read and enjoy on a daily basis, at least whenever they bother to post. Hope you’ll enjoy them too.