Testuff new version (Testuff 1.36) follows up on the previous version, and further improves your Defect Management and Reporting.
After allowing editing of defects and file attachment we have made the extra mile and included an option to update the defect status directly from the tracker, with a simple one-click link.
That should make your communications with the developers an easier task :-)

Another great new feature can be found in the Bug Reporter – you are now able to build the report however you want it. Select the fields, add permanent titles and more. We gave you full control.

Checkout also the new integration with Clarizen. This great project management tool has just been added to our (very) long list of supported bug-trackers.
And that’s not all. How about sharing reports with non-Testuff users? and he list goes on….

In the last version of the year, we’ll be racing to complete a few of the feature requests of this year that are not yet implemented.

Here’s the full list of enhancements:

  • Share reports with colleagues, clients, managers even if they aren’t Testuff users.
  • Synchronize Defect Status directly from your tracker.
  • Build your own Defect template and Customize it, while reporting it to your bug tracker.
  • New tracker on our long list – Integrate with Clarizen.
  • Easily Export Defects to Excel.
  • API Improvements:
    • Query for items:
      1. /suite/ get all, get by branch
      2. /test/ get all, get by suite
      3. /lab/ get all, get by branch
      4. /run/ get all, get by test, lab, user and branch
      5. /defect/ get all, get by user
    • Report a new defect
  • Those little things that’s makes the user happy:
    • ctrl+A is now supported for labels, run configurations (in their setup windows) and in the defects screen.
    • Easier Run Configuration management and assignment.

Visit our Website for a full list of all new features in all versions since 2007.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:

  1. Click the pie chart in the Requirements screen, to get the list of tests for that requirement.
  2. Use the ‘Teams’ feature (in a project’s settings) to better manage your testers and projects.
  3. * Take a look at the list of tips we gathered here, for your convenience.