In the past decade we’ve published 207 posts on our blog. Many writers, many topics, different approaches and one common subject: Software Testing.
One of our readers has brought to our attention recently, his observation of the different topics these posts covered during the years. It made us review all of the posts, finding interesting facts and a new way to understand the changing trends of the software testing industry.
The number of areas covered during this long period is impressive. From automation to manual testing, from education to book recommendations, from methodologies to suggested work procedures, from metrics to ‘what is good software testing’ discussion, from career tips to tooltips. And there were many more. Indeed, there were a few company posts (announcements and information sharing) and a few humorous ones, but these were rare and the professional focus was (and is) clear.

Software testing trends as indicated from Testuff blog posts

Reviewing the posts by the years, clearly shows the difference in the industry’s interests at the time. If in 2008 SaaS was a new concept – therefore feared by many – then in 2018 it is obvious and no one even thinks of it as “something”. It’s just there. Another good example is Agile. Back 10 years ago, it wasn’t the main and perhaps the only, way to work, as it is for many groups nowadays. This certainly brings a slew of aspects that needs attention and raise discussions.

Here’s how a retrospective of all 207 posts looks like, gathered as trending discussion topics:

Of course it isn’t a clear cut between the years and the different topics. We wrote about each of them also in other years than mentioned, and we wrote a few posts about specific topics, that can’t be easily categorized into any of the above. There are topics we’ve covered constantly, and got back to every few months again (methodologies for example, but there are others). This is just a birds-eye view, which still has its value.

You can read all of our posts here. You’ll find that many that were published years ago, are still very much relevant. We specifically recommend our 6 Thinking Hats series, and the Sailing with testers posts. We’ve had great feedback on them and you also may find them interesting.