2016 started in the same way 2015 ended – lots of work, great excitement, and many new things delivered for you on our test management solution.
We are happy to welcome the 27th tracker, for which we support an easy-setup, two-ways integration. Looks like ServiceDesk Plus serves users for bug tracking, on top of its other uses. We’ve also enhanced the integration with Axosoft, following users requests.
The new Load Testing service is getting much attention and the feedback so far is great. We are working to continue and enhance it further, and already included a Sandbox option for paying users.
We plan to continue and enhance our two test management versions, and the load testing service. Stay tuned.

What’s new on this month version:

  • ServiceDesk Plus: a new tracker added to our long list of available integrations.
  • Load Testing: New Sandbox now available for easy and free checking of your load tests.
  • Axosoft:
    • Release field can be set now on project level
    • Automatically get values from the tracker for custom fields
    • New custom field type support – for check-box lists values
    • New predefined Found in-build field added on setup
  • API: new options available on the open REST API

Visit our Website for more details.
Testuff. There’s always something to wait for.