When we first launched Testuff over 4 years ago, it certainly wasn’t with James Bach in mind. Although Mr. Bach had already established a substantial following thanks to his many contributions to the world of software testing, our initial foray into the industry happened quite independently of him. Our founding, our growth, our entire vision was never directly influenced by his input or feedback. And yet, anyone familiar with our suite of testing software would likely be convinced that Mr. Bach had played a direct (or at least inspirational) role in our development over these last years.
Vendors I like
For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Bach’s work, he’s somewhat of a guru within the testing world, having penned many notable articles and books over the years (not to mention contests, guest spots, seminars, and the like). While no single article can fully capture his life’s work, a recent post of his on what he likes and doesn’t like about test tool vendors provides a unique glimpse into his philosophy regarding what you the client should expect of a software testing company. Granted, you likely have your own list of criteria, developed based on your current needs and wants. But Mr. Bach’s brief list offers a solid baseline – a foundation that coincidentally reflects our own attitude regarding software testing.

In an August 2011 post entitled, Avoiding My Curse On Tool Vendors, Mr. Bach outlines those attributes he expects in successful testing designers, including:

  • Testing for an audience…. based on feedback from clients
  • Power through products…. based on flexibility and expandability
  • Genuine love of testing….. I mean to really live and breathe the product

Now, if you ask most companies how closely they subscribe to the above, they’ll probably tell you that they’re 100% on target.

Admittedly, we’re no different in this regard.
What we say
We purposely design for our audience, actively soliciting feedback from our clients to ensure that the finished product does exactly what they want, when they want it. We design all testing platforms from the ground up to provide optimal flexibility and unmatched customization. And we love the work that we do – I mean, really really love it. Testing is an art, science, and passion for us, and we enjoy the challenges of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles on a daily basis. We’re a little nerdy when it comes to testing, and we’re quite unapologetic.

But like I said, most any company that you ask will tell you likewise. This is why we prefer to rely on testimonials – feedback collected from living, breathing clients who have actually used our software firsthand.

We’ve compiled a number of testimonials over the years, and the comments have been extremely favorable. This constant feedback not only lets us know that we continue to live up to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves, but they also reinforce our belief that we’ve been on the right track all along, if Mr. Bach’s August 2011 piece is any indication of what software testing companies should aspire to become.
What they say
Below are three recent testimonials that highlight Testuff journey to date. Read them for yourself to understand our approach to software testing and how we serve the needs of our growing community. Thereafter, we invite you to download a trial version of Testuff for your company to see if we live up to your expectations:
Testuff has quickly become my favorite test management tool. In my 13 years of QA experience Testuff is a unique gem. No other tool that I have used previously has allowed my team to create and organize test cases so quickly. We are literally saving days on each project since adopting Testuff. The layout is extremely intuitive, and I love how quickly I can track test status for each project, each tester and Automation.

But I think you will find that the most impressive thing about this tool is the company. From your first interaction with support to requesting a new feature, you get the impression that this company listens carefully and responds to its user base.
Robert Shaw, Frontline Placement Technologies
Testuff looks to be a Godsend in its ease of use and incredibly handy features. It took me absolutely no time to start putting together test suites and assigning tasks. That’s amazing! Many of the tools I’ve seen out there are just obtuse as Hell, and people just accept that fact because they need the functionality, and they can list that software under their “skills” on their resume. Testuff has the functionality and it’s very straight forward.
William Parker, Kaplan Professional Education
I’d been scrabbling around for years looking for a simple yet powerful way to manage my checks and tests. Spreadsheets here, Open Source product there, free product here and text files all over the place. I was beginning to wonder whether I would find a tool that worked for me. Then I tried Testuff and was hooked. It’s very powerful, yet intuitive and simple to use. It fits around my process rather than me having to change my process to fit the tool.

Believe me, I’ve changed my process several times and Testuff has always been a trusty companion. The video recording, screen shots and editing tests on the fly features really seal the deal as it allows me to organize and manage my exploratory testing in one place, all complete with reports and recorded sessions. To top it all off the support is outstanding; fast, friendly and incredibly committed to the product. Great Stuff.
Rob Lambert, New Voice Media