Published on “The Wadi” (“Israeli technologies revealed”)

In the software development world, testing is considered sometimes as the “younger nudging brother”.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Testing is gradually becoming part of the development process. Testers are  now part of the team (rather than separated to ‘devs’ and ‘testers’), and managers realize the importance of testing in general and good testing in particular.

The process is already affecting tools and applications, serving the testing community. SaaS solutions, Open Source options and systems, are no longer inferior to those used by other members of the projects. The new low-costs opportunities enable large companies to show substantial budget savings, while small and mid-size companies can finally benefit from high quality solutions.

Testuff provides on-demand software testing management solution for managing and executing manual software tests and for reporting defects. We see it as a somewhat different tool, not just another test management tool, with its special looks, easy-to-use interface and complete, fully featured solution.

We started out with the purpose of creating better tools and services for the software quality assurance (QA) community. This is our first service, which is already applied by   many customers in many countries.

Once you download our client (PC or Mac at your choice), you’ll notice that we have worked hard to make it look fun and simple (who said testing has to be boring?). We take pride in  making it intuitive, easy to use with  “no training required” type of service. But don’t let this look fool you – we mean business when it comes to giving our client an end-to-end solution with all features included. 

Our test management suite includes everything you would expect, and  more: Requirements management, test cases, test planning and execution, defect reporting, video recorder and player, time management, integration to all bug trackers and automation tools and much more.